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Tuesday, August 31, 2021, 6 p.m., Troisdorf-Müllekoven, St. Adelheidisstraße Gottfried Böhm's Church of St. Adelheid Guided tour by Rev. René Stockhausen - One hour, followed by an evening meal at the Restaurant Dorfkrug, Dorfstraße 4 Free of charge, donation requested - Guests welcome!

The recently deceased Gottfried Böhm, 100 years old, famous above all for his "modern" church buildings, also worked in our region. In addition to the design for the listed large window of the former Viktoriabad at the Belderberg (Koblenzer Tor), he was also active in Beuel. In Siegburger Straße, he completed the work of his no less important father, Dominikus Böhm, with the St. Paulus Church, before dedicating himself to an independent church building on the other side of the Sieg in (Troisdorf-)Müllekoven.

The parish church dedicated to St. Adelheid of Vilich was consecrated in 1964. A red brick building with black slate roofs and asymmetrical choir roof, bell tower. This "modern" church, only recently listed, is the first destination of a new series of events: "History after hours". "Short and crisp" should be the history presentation on site, no longer than an hour - according to board member Claudia Knöfel, who is responsible for this series.

It will continue on a regular basis every second month, on the first Tuesday, "in Beuel and around Beuel". René Stockhausen, the pastor responsible for the lower Sieg, will get things started. The event is intentionally also for non-members. And bring your neighbors and friends along, too! However, if possible, you should still register - by email:

The event is free of charge, but a donation is requested. The neighboring restaurant Dorfkrug (Dorftstraße) is reserved for the finale.
Excursion StroofKOLLEG on the road

Saturday, September 4, 2021, Siegburg, Markt (1.45 pm in front of Stadtmuseum)

The historical Siegburg
Guided tour through the city centre 14.00
Guided tour through the treasury of St. Servatius 3.15 pm
End of the evening at Café Faßbender on the market square

Cost 10,- € / Registration requested:
Open Monument Day 2021

General theme: "Being & Appearance in History, Architecture and Monument Preservation".
Sunday, 12 September 2021, Vilich

The Mayor Stroof House - a prime example of "appearance and reality".
10.00 - 18.00 - Guided tours on demand - Flyer on the topic - Free of charge

The Historical Vilich

Event together with Bürgerverein Vilich and parish St. Peter
Guided tour with Ursula Becker
14.30 Meeting point Old Pastorate
Guided tour of the church with Rev. Michael Dörr
(integrated in guided tour)
15.00 Meeting point choir house
End of the evening at the Mayor Stroof House