Display boards for the Vilich church

Information about the eventful history of the Vilich church of St. Peter is now displayed on three display boards in the entrance area. They were designed by the chairman of the monument association Carl J. Bachem, who unveiled them during a ceremony.

In the context of the presentation of a recently found Vilich monastery charter from 1329 by the deputy head of the city archive Dr. Y. Leiverkus, the chairman of the Monument Society Carl J. Bachem unveiled three information wall panels in the collegiate and parish church of St. Peter in Bonn-Vilich, which deal with the architecture and building history of the church, its furnishings and the Bonn city patron saint Adelheid von Vilich. The panels, made of aluminium and covered with plastic film, measure 125 by 75 cm.

In its building tradition, the church is the oldest place of worship on the right side of the Rhine between Sieg and Siebengebirge, older than Schwarzrheindorf and the abbeys of Siegburg and Heisterbach. It is also the burial church of Saint Adelheid (+1015), who was the first abbess of the canoness convent of Vilich founded by her parents around 978, which existed until the secularisation in 1804; today it houses the St. Adelheid retirement home.

Often burned down due to its proximity to the royal city of Bonn, the church has nevertheless been able to preserve a number of valuable furnishings, some of which date back to the early Middle Ages. Architecturally outstanding are Adelheid's Romanesque burial chapel, which is owed to the stonemasons of Bonn Cathedral, and the Gothic choir building, which can be traced back to the Cologne Cathedral building workshop. The cycle of stained glass windows designed in the 1960s by Walter Benner, Aachen, is much admired. The entrance area of the church, where the information boards are located, is open daily.

At the unveiling on September 16, 2018, Carl J. Bachem, who designed the plaques, pointed out the backlog of information needed by the historic monument site of Vilich. The Denkmal- und Geschichtsverein Bonn-Rrh. (Monument and History Association Bonn-Rrh.), which he heads, has in the meantime presented a program for corresponding publications and for a comprehensive information board system within the village.

Content of the display boards for download

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